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"Is This The Right Room for an Argument?"

So I guess this is going to the home of "Altercation" for a while, at least.


The motto, when it began at back in 2002, if I'm not mistaken, was: "Is This the Right Room for an Argument?"


I don't know if we will be arguing here, but I do expect to be doing some music reviews and also some other musings on politics and love and life and death, etc.


In the meantime, here are some links to articles I've written of late, aside from my Nation column:


Bruce Springsteen is Jew-ish


Growing Up with Bruce Springsteen


"Benjamin Netanyahu, Best Friend of the Far Right"


"Does Anyone Take the BDS Movement Seriously Anymore?" The New York Times op-ed page


"The Decline of Historical Thinking" The New Yorker, 


"The Democrats need a candidate who speaks to Springsteen voters," Los Angeles Times,


"Thirty Years a Neocon Provocateur," (On Elliott Abrams," Le Monde Diplomatique,



"Young, Liberal and Critical of Israel," Le Monde Diplomatique,


"Media Nation: The Political History of News in Modern America" Journal of American Historhy


I'll get back to the music and and the other stuff any minute now.


I saw a nice show at Branford Marsalis's record release party at the Jazz Standard last week


And I turned in a draft of my forthcoming book, "Lying in State Why Presidents Lie and Why Trump is Different" to be published sometime in 2020 by Basic Books after I finish rewriting the damn thing.


I've also been working on my other two books:


"What We Talk About When We Talk About Israel," to be published by Basic sometime after the other one.




Troublemakers: How Generations of Non-Jewish Jews Remade America and the World, to be published, I have no idea when.



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