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Readings and appearances

Upcoming Events
Also this: Monday night at John Jay 6:00

We are under construction.


Video of Past Events

Eric Alterman,in conversation at the Brennan Center for Legal Justice, April, 2011


Eric Alterman @ Google, on Kabuki Democracy, January, 2011


Eric Alterman at Center for American Progress on Kabuki Democracy, with Neera Tanden, February 2, 2011


Eric Alterman discussing AIPAC: Why we need a liberal Israel lobby (TPMtv). March 20, 2009

Eric Alterman and Reihan Salam on Bloggingheads: "What's on a Man's Mind?" March 13, 2009

Eric Alterman and Christopher Hitchens on Bloggingheads discussing whether Christopher Hitchens was wrong. October 13, 2008

Eric Alterman and Julia Kamin on Bloggingheads discussing "Why We're Liberals." June 11, 2008

Eric Alterman on the Colbert Report, March 31, 2008

Eric Alterman speaking at Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon, part of 2008 book tour for "Why We're Liberals." March 27, 2008

Eric Alterman speaking at Authors@Google as part of 2008 book tour for "Why We're Liberals." March 25, 2008
Eric Alterman in Conversation (, March, 2008

Eric Alterman speaking at Center for Ethics at Yeshiva University on Factors of Ethical Presidential Leadership. January 30, 2008

"The Rise and Fall of American Liberalism," UC Davis. Nov 8, 2007

"The Conservatives Have No Clothes," The Century Foundation. Sept. 25, 2007

"The American News Media: Media Bias, with Eric Alterman and Tucker Carlson," UC Santa Barbara. January 14, 2006

Eric Alterman on Charlie Rose, discussing "The Book on Bush" with Mark Green. March 17, 2004

Eric Alterman on Charlie Rose, discussing the Iraq war with Christopher Hitchens. June 6, 2003

Eric Alterman on the Daily Show with John Stewart. March 17, 2003

Eric Alterman on Charlie Rose discussing Bruce Springsteen and "It Ain't No Sin to be Glad You're Alive." October 6,1999

Eric Alterman discussing democracy on Charlie Rose. August 28, 1996