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Kabuki Democracy: The System vs. Barack Obama (2011)

In Kabuki Democracy, bestselling author and Nation columnist Eric Alterman asks why President Barack Obama has been unable to deliver on the promise of his 2008 campaign. He argues that while Obama’s compromises have disappointed many of his supporters, his failure is primarily due to a political system that stymies democracy when voters choose progressive change. From the archaic rules of the senate to the political dominance of the finance industry to the decisions of the Supreme Court to the failure of the press to the rise of anti-government movements, structural and ideological impediments to democracy make passing progressive legislation almost impossible.

Brilliantly blending incisive political analysis with a clear agenda for change, Kabuki Democracy cuts through the clichés of conservative propaganda and lazy mainstream media analysis to demonstrate that genuine transformation will come to America only when enough people care enough to challenge the system.